Affactive Affiliate Program

The Affactive affiliate program offers one of the best tools for web marketers and web masters looking to break into the world of online gambling. It allows these web gurus to promote these casinos and products without ever having to contact these businesses directly. Instead, Affactive provides the tools needed and all the users need to do is run a blog or website that is compatible with HTML banners and advertisements. The program uses top of the line cookies and software to track clients who come through these websites, and determines what, if any, profit the website owners make from this traffic.

Website owners have two options when it comes to payment. These owners can either allow the advertisements to generate a revenue percentage, usually between 30% and 45%, or they can opt for a cost-per-acquisition or CPA, which pays a flat fee for each new player. It is important when making use of the Affactive affiliate program to weigh the options available depending on the website traffic, and the amount of people that visit a website or blog that would consider joining an online casino.

The revenue percentage is essentially a guaranteed cash flow, as long as the player continues to enjoy the casino games. Once a player has deposited money to the website, the person entitled to the revenue percentage gets a portion of that player's net loss. This continues as long as the player is active on the casino website. A CPA is a flat fee that forfeits any right to further revenue percentages. It is possible for a website owner to negotiate a combination of both revenue sharing and CPA with his or her account manager. The more active an affiliate's website links, the higher the potential revenue percentage and CPA rates.

Affactive has what is widely considered as the most competitive poker casino affiliate program on the market today, and an equally lucrative sub-affiliate program. When a player joins a casino through a webmaster's unique advertisement link, the webmaster is entitled to 8% of the player's net loss through revenue sharing. When someone joins through one of the webmasters sub-affiliate programs, the sub affiliate receives the 8%, but the webmaster is also entitled to 4% of that as well. Once the advertisements are installed and the links established, Affactive's software does the rest of the work, leaving the webmasters and bloggers to reap benefits, while the venues enjoy a multitude of new and exciting players. It's a win-win situation for both parties.