Boost Your Income with the Euro Partners Affiliate Program

In the already overpopulated ultracompetitive world of online casinos, websites need to use every edge that they can garner in order to get ahead. This is where things like the Euro Partners Affiliate Program come in handy. Recently acquired by Playtech, which is already one of the powers in the online gaming industry, Euro Partners already holds its extensive wings over more than 50,000 affiliates, making it one of the most powerful conglomerates in the business. Some of the biggest names in the European market, such as Titan, Vegas Red and others are associated with the company.

This offers an amazing amount of benefits for new and existing members, including a great selection of promotion and marketing products and materials, as well as the ability to host online gambling, bingo and poker sites. Much like an online establishment, new affiliates are offered a variety of bonuses, including a special revenue share for the first three months. There are only two real negatives to this particular program. The first is that it doesn't really work unless the site already has fairly decent traffic. Second, none of the establishments in the system are able to accept players from the United States.

Playtech's acquisition of the company is a great move on their part and puts them closer to becoming a single-source supplier for both software and casino creation tools. It does not, however, establish Playtech as a full operator, meaning that the company still exists outside the tax laws that regulate such providers. Instead, it will simply allow the company to move into regulated markets and those that are going to be regulated soon. Thanks to this acquisition, they have reported yet another profitable year.

When it comes right down to it, the only way for an online casino, or any internet-based business for that matter, to survive is though intense marketing campaigns. Companies like the Euro Partners Affiliate program provide the tools to create those campaigns, as well as a network of like-minded sites with which to associate. Site owners are able to use these tools to create some of the greatest casinos on the net, as well, with top of the line 3D Graphics and sound editing, as well as downloadable software, instant play flash-based games and a stable multilingual platform that caters to the needs and wants of every player that visits the site.