Online Slots Affiliates: Make Money Doing Something You Love

Online slots affiliates promote slots in order to earn a commission. In this type of connection an online merchant pays the affiliate for any leads that are sent to their site through ads. This is a great way to make money if you already have an established page with traffic and want to optimize your stream of revenue. There are tier programs that will pay you to refer other owners. This payment will be a percentage of the revenue that their site earns on top of what you are already making. In addition, you can also get money from the webmasters that they refer as well.

How it Works

If you hold a domain name, own a small website, or have a large gambling portal, it is likely that you have traffic already and want a way to make more profit using your resources. The online slots affiliates connect you with the merchant and supplies you with the use of a system in order to get promotional material and support. You will also be able to track your earnings and progress. The program allows you to direct traffic to specific merchants and earn either a percentage of the sale or a flat bounty.

Joining a Program

When joining a program there are typically no costs associated. In addition, there are no risks involved in participating. You can find a list of some of the best programs available and simply fill out the forms in order to join. The casinos will provide you with statistical records that will allow you to look at your progress and help you optimize your site so that you can earn even more. Players are linked to your website using a special code that you will be given. If the person clicks on your link and downloads the software you will earn a commission when they begin playing for real money.


The commission rate for most affiliate programs can be up to 50% revenue share for the first tier. There are several others that will pay a smaller income for the second tier and some even offer a third tier with a percentage for sub-referrals. Typically you will be able to see how much you have earned through your online stat site that is provided. Most of the casinos will pay out commissions on a monthly basis. You can choose to either have your money wired to you or to receive a check in the mail.