Playboy Poker affiliates is a new way to earn from a gaming site

Manufacturers of consumer goods have realized that equally important as the products they produce is the marketing and distribution network that promotes and delivers said products to the end users. Such is the power of this supply chain system that businesses utilize a good deal of their resources, both financial and human, to ensure that it is working properly.

Online businesses have learned from the experience and expertise of brick and mortar establishments and have applied these learning to their own business models. Thus, another form of generating revenues from cyber gaming sites has sprung up, in the form of the affiliate program.

Playboy Poker is a virtual entertainment portal that uses software provided by OnGame Poker Network and evidently offers the delights of poker and its variations. It offers access through download or mobile, and will soon be available via a No Download program.

Taking off from the importance of a good marketing and distribution network, it launched the Playboy Poker affiliates program in the middle of 2013. This review shares some of the features of the program, with particular focus on what is in it for the affiliate.

Utilizing software by Income Access, Playboy Poker affiliates benefit from the advertising tools made available to them, including links and banners. They likewise have access to important business statistics and reports that help them monitor their own performance, such as the number of referrals made and the corresponding revenue.

Revenue may be generated mainly in either of two ways, and the affiliate has the option of which plan to follow. They can opt to receive income through the Net Revenue Commission track, or the New Depositing Players (NDP) Commission track. Both ways are pretty much self-explanatory. With the first one, Playboy Poker affiliates earn anywhere from 25% to 35% of the net revenue recognized by the site for the previous month from all its referred players. Using the second method, the commission amount is based on deposits made by the new players you referred for the period, and can net you anywhere from 20% to 45%. In consideration of periods when business may be slow and affiliates are not able to refer new players within a period of six months, they are entitled to a 10% commission on net revenue earned from previous players.

Playboy Poker affiliates receive their earnings during the first ten business days of every month via the electronic wallets Neteller and Skrill, or through good old bank transfer. If none of these methods work for the affiliate, a proposal for another may be forwarded and accommodated.

Those who have marketing and technical savvy would benefit from this.