What is an Affiliate Program?

A casino affiliate program allows webmasters the opportunity to earn some extra money while working with their favorite online casino. The programs are free for webmasters to join. The idea is that the webmaster will help promote the casino on their website or blog. Each time someone visits the casino from the website, they are given a small tracking cookie so that the casino knows what website the player came from. Each time a player signs up, the webmaster gets a small referral commission. It's a great exchange: the casino gets more advertising, while the webmaster gets to make some extra money.

All someone has to do to become a part of this program is visit the casino and sign up. They will then be given access to number of different marketing resources such as banners and other graphics for their websites. Affiliates will also receive their unique website ID and the code needed to refer players to the casino. Without this code, the casino won't be able to link the new player to the referring website, so the webmaster won't get credit for the referral. That's why it's very important to make sure this code is copied over exactly.

Deciding Which Program to Join

Figuring out which of the best Canadian casinos to affiliate with can be difficult. One place to start is to read reviews of the different casinos. Those that have a large number of positive reviews and seem to have a good number of happy players are probably the best ones to work with. However, before signing up, webmasters need to be sure to read all of the fine print. Some affiliate programs simply don't pay out very well. Webmasters need to look for the ones that offer a 50-50 split. Otherwise, they may be doing a lot of work without getting much reward.

One of the best online casinos to partner with is Jackpot City. This casino has a number of things going for it. It has a very high rating among players, and it's ranked as one of the top Canadian casinos. Jackpot City offers a number of different of different gaming. The software used on the site was created by Microgaming, one of the most trusted programming companies in the industry. They have more than 400 different games, including online slots, card games, and table games. The site also features 18 different progressive jackpot games, which is very impressive. Many of these games are available on mobile platforms as well as computers.

But number of games alone doesn't make a casino great, even if they are created by one of the best software companies around. That's why Jackpot City has more going for it than just games. The casino offers some great signup bonuses, plus they also have daily, weekly, and monthly promotions that all players can take advantage of. The site is also very secure, so players can enter their information without fear of it being stolen. Jackpot City offers a number of different ways of withdrawing money, plus they allow users to withdraw money in four different currencies. It's truly a great casino for players, and it's one that webmasters should certainly consider if they're looking for an affiliate.