Getting Started with the Carbon Poker Affiliate Program

There are all kinds of different internet ads out there promising to help you make some extra money from home, but the truth is that a lot of these are scams. Those that aren't require hundreds of dollars up front to get started, and even that does not guarantee your success. Fortunately, with the Carbon Poker affiliate program known as Chip Split, it is possible to earn a passive income from home.

Basically, your only task is to use your own resources as well as those that are made available to you to help promote and drive traffic to the Carbon Poker website. You will get to customize the offers that you use to do this, and you can even offer your visitors a rakeback that the site pays on a daily basis! You don't have to spend all of your free time fulfilling your offers. Something else that is incredibly exciting is that you will also get to customize the bonuses you offer.

The marketing materials that you will receive from the Carbon Poker affiliate program include things like HTML mailers that can be customized, page peel banners and more. In fact, the company makes an entire database available to its affiliates so that they can easily search for whatever it is they want to put on their websites, SEO articles, social media pages and more.

As far as getting paid is concerned, you can actually earn quite a bit! The commission you will get is 40% of everything that the members you refer deposit, and this amount is unlimited which means it is never capped at a certain amount. Think of the possibilities! On the same note, the Carbon Poker affiliate program also includes the ability to promote the casino and sportsbook side of the site, too. With this, you can earn 20% on deposits worth $1 to $15,000, 25% when the generated revenue is between $15,001 and $30,000, and a handsome 30% whenever these funds climb to $30,001 or higher.