A Review Of The Income Access Gambling Affiliate Program

Being able to make some extra money from simply having a popular website is an opportunity that the Income Access gambling affiliate program is offering.

Income Access provides marketing and technology to a large number of establishments in the online gambling world. Their affiliate network includes a wide array of popular online casinos that are easy to promote for a little bit of extra money. Joining the program is as simple as signing up at the company's website, which immediately gives access to all of their clients and the various available options for promoting them in return for a fair commission.

Income Access acts as a trustworthy third-party between online casinos and the other websites that can promote them. Affiliates can earn between $20 and $100 each time an affiliate's promotion results in revenue for the merchant site they had advertised, with the webmasters taking between 25% and 35% of that to keep the software running. The program is very mutually beneficial and requires hardly any effort on either end; the establishment only needs to cater to their customers the way they normally would, and affiliates only need to use up some of their ad space. They even get to decide how many establishments they want to advertise, and, as a result, how much space they'll take up because of it. In short, the Income Access gambling affiliate program gives as much control as it can to those who want and need it the most.

Using this software is made as convenient as possible by its webmasters and managers, and works in a straightforward fashion. Prospective advertisers make their own account that will be the single resource they need to access the entire Income Access clientele. They then decide who among the client list they would like to promote on their own web pages. Promoters are managed by Income Access managers, but otherwise remain independent operators from the online casinos. Each time an establishment receives money because of a referral, the person who managed the ad on their site is paid, via check, bank draft, or NETeller. That is essentially all there is to the program; it is very simple and a very convenient way to be making a little (or potentially a fair sum, depending on how much advertising is done and how popular the website already is) extra revenue for surprisingly little extra effort on the webmaster's part.