Being A Netrefer Gambling Affiliate

Being a NetRefer gambling affiliate means being a part of a program designed to accommodate the marketing process between establishments and advertisers.

Like any good affiliate, NetRefer allows their clients (in this particular case, online casinos) to come into moderated contact with third-party website owners who have ad space they are willing to use for the establishment in return for a commission. NetRefer is a trusted program that acts as a reliable third-party moderator that ensures transactions are performed smoothly and correctly, where gambling venues receive their customers and affiliates receive their commission. They do, however, have a number of features and attributes that make them stand out a bit from other similar programs or offers.

NetRefer is a very popular option among online gambling sites for a number of key functions they provide for their affiliates. One fairly standard service they perform is to connect promoters and establishments via a trained manager and provide management options to help with the advertising process. As a part of this, reward and financial plans are also included that helps the program users to understand the kind of profits they can make and create reasonable goals and projections. The software itself is also customizable and allows for reporting and analysis to follow up the goals made and to allow users to track exactly how well they are doing. These features all work very well together to stand up with the simple rule that is an integral part of the NetRefer gambling affiliate program: transparency and clarity provided to the affiliates at all times and as much as is possible. This rule dictates the entire experience and is its most important, convenient, and useful aspect.

After promoting a site for a while, users of the program will be wanting to know how their commission margins. Commissions are sent to advertisers based on how much money the establishment makes from that customer following a simple formula: advertisers receive 15% to 20% of the gross gaming revenue minus variable costs. Gross gaming revenue refers to the difference between what the player wins at the establishment and how much they lose. Variable costs can include network fees, bonus costs that players accumulate from deposits and welcome promotions, winnings the customer receives from free spins, or contributions the player makes to games such as jackpot slots. In short, the website owner who makes a referral will make more money based on how successful that referral was.