Should You Become a Bright Share Affiliate?

If you're looking for a profitable online casino affiliate program, there are quite a few choices to look into. Commission rates and revenue shares should definitely affect your decision, but the reputation and standing of the establishments promoted through the program will have an equal impact your income. For many website owners, Bright Share is the most effective way to generate a steady and lucrative profit stream from online gambling.

The group is comprised of 7 different gaming brands, including the world-renowned casinos that are managed by the Jackpot Factory. The properties feature an outstanding collection of casino games, with some boasting more than 400 different titles. Players also have access to daily tournaments, huge jackpot prizes, poker rooms, and incredible bonus opportunities. All Slots Mobile and Wild Jack Mobile bring over 350 gambling favorites to a reliable mobile platform, reaching an even larger audience. There are no sign up offers for new affiliates and negative balances carry over from one pay period to the next, but the group's commitment to player satisfaction seems to make up for these disadvantages.

Bright Share has a competitive 2-tier revenue share commission model, but the payment structure is somewhat lacking when compared to programs with CPA options, welcome offers, and other perks. A 25% minimum share is a bit low, but affiliates can earn as much as 40% of their sales and conversions, which is slightly higher than the standard industry average. The group's dedication to helping their affiliates succeed compensates for anything that may be lacking. Members have access to an extensive selection of casino marketing tools that are continuously updated to reflect the latest promotions and an in-depth reporting system that shows statistics on every conversion. Support specialists are available anytime, day or night, if there is ever a problem and agents communicate regularly with all members to convey updates, tips, and special promotions.

At first glance, this casino group may not seem like the best choice for profitable internet marketing. There are other programs with more attractive payout structures, better commission rates, and quite generous welcome offers. When you look a little closer, however, the benefits of becoming a Bright Share affiliate far outweigh any downfalls or disadvantages the program may have. A good reputation, excellent support and promotional features, and an unparalleled commitment to success make it almost effortless for members to generate a profitable income stream.